Moving in or out of rental property


ALGERIA RELOCATION SERVICES offers professional assistance for your company’s employees whether they are moving in or out of rented property to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Our staff are there to hold their hand every step of the way and help with all the formalities and procedures.

For many years ALGERIA RELOCATION SERVICES has been working closely with a recognized network of professionals that are at your service.

Assistance with moving in and out of rentals includes:

  • Dealing with utilities and other services (gas, electric, water, insurance, internet, fixed phone line, etc.).
  • Opening bank accounts.
  • Finding and negotiating services such as cleaners, gardeners, pool maintenance, alarm systems, HVAC (heating, venting and air conditioning) systems, etc.
  • Help with purchasing furniture, home appliances, cars, etc. on arrival.
  • Cancelling contracts and recovering deposit fees on departure.
  • A Help Line.

Accompagnement a la scolarisation



ALGERIA RELOCATION SERVICES can advise on choosing the best private or public schools to suit a child’s educational needs and after-school activities.

Want to know more? 

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