Director and Founder of PWS-Relocations? ARS Consultant.

Having worked in a department focused on economic development, Gwénaëlle joined the Secretary of State for Immigrant Workers’ cabinet where she became an expert on immigration procedures.

She was a driving force in the AVF (Accueil des Villes Françaises), an association that helps newcomers to French towns settle in, where she organized activity groups.

She set up PWS in 1992 and has been striving ever since to raise the bar by making relocations a professional service.

Gwénaëlle also has a diploma from EARP (European Academy of Relocation Professionals).

From 2005-2012 she was president of the SNPRM (Syndicat National des Professionals de la Relocation et la Mobilité) where her mission was to obtain professional certification for relocation services guaranteeing a higher level of service.

Gwénaëlle de Gouttes is featured on viadeo.